On the surface you appear to be big and strong. You create this image with your 6" lift kit 37" tires and loud exhaust so that you can dominate others into submission whilst driving into work. However when the road gets rough, we all see what is truly underneath.

We find your lift kit is nothing more than 6" lift blocks and the axle they rest on is weaker than the stock axle in my jeep. We find that the V8 bellowing that noise is the smallest option available with your leather seats and that your exhaust is so unbelievably loud because you paid someone to install your directionally chambered mufflers backwards so they resonate noise like a trombone rather than muffle the engine.

When you get to the rocky hill above, your poor choices show the chink in your armor. Your axle begins to buck wildly under the stress. Your small V8 struggles because you refused to re-gear and your ignorant exhaust costs you power. Halfway up the hill you hit a rock, your un-locked rear axle gains wheel speed on one side, while the wheel is in the air and we all hear it.. POP! You’re done... no more traction to be had no more forward movement. All the choices you made to inflate your image now have you rolling backwards down the hill, we can only hope you don’t take one of your buddies with you.