In this short time period before all fun is choked out of cars by CAFE standards where is Lincoln? Full disclosure, I was raised in a house with a significant ford bias but, the truth is I like tune-ability and “open source” more than anything. Despite my ford up bringing and my affinity for 60s fords there really hasn’t been a ford I would actually spend my money on until the Raptor. Then the 2015 mustang was released along with the gt350 and the focus RS and all of a sudden I feel like I am a “ford guy” again.

That being said currently Cadillac is KILLING IT. The last generation CTS-V with a six speed in a wagon body is possibly one of my favorite cars ever made, at least on paper. Then the ATS-V came out, albeit without a wagon option, that is fantastic but its clear Cadillac is still pandering to the Boomer demographic and not as sporty as it could be. On the flip side I personally think Lincolns feel younger, like an upscale Ford with much nicer interiors. Then the car modifying side of me awakens, in Jalopnik terms it’s my “Freddie” side; Ford ECUs have one benefit over GM ECUs, being programmable through the OBII port. It allows those of us who have to pass emissions with our car to reprogram the factory ECU and just flash it in the car. GM ECUs have to be pulled from the car mailed somewhere to have some parts soldered in before they can offer a similar function, which brings me to my point; Where is lincoln?

With Ford making great cars and Cadillac making great cars why the hell is Lincoln off in la-la land making giant front wheel drive boats ? Why hasn’t someone at Ford realize that making a 4 door car on the mustang chassis is what made the best police car for the past 25-30 years?


I’m at the point now I need a 3 wide back seat with 2 extra doors to swallow 2 dogs and a kid or two. I want a 4 door mustang, preferably with a manual transmission. If Cadillac joined this market and zeegermans have been competing in it for years why can’t Lincoln succeed in it? For fucks sake there is even a song called “Hotrod Lincoln”, it’s about time Lincoln backed that up with something new!

And yes, I know Lincoln produces a 400hp ecoboost v6 awd Lincoln version of a fusion. Yes, it’s a step in the right direction but it’s still not a performance car made to be a performance car. The s550 chassis is continually praised as offering great dynamic control with excellent steering feel and great ride quality. Ford even put the Mageride suspension on this chassis for the GT350, nothing says luxury performance car like a Mageride suspension. Now, please utilize this chassis in a Ford vehicle that I can pitch to the wife and not seem like a selfish jerk.



-Foo1 (selfish jerk)